Logic Colloquium 2008


Three excursions are available for LC08 participants on the afternoon of Saturday July 5th. Signup for these trips will be available at registration.

Niesen (good weather only)

The Niesen is a mountain close to Bern, offering spectacular views of the Bernese Oberland.

For more information see Niesen Information

Price: CHF 60.-

Emmental (all weather)

We will visit the Emmentaler Schaukäserei (Emmental show dairy) to see how the famous cheese is made, and the Chuderhüsi, a tower affording views of the Emmental.

For more information see Showdiary and Chuderhuesi (tower) (german only)

Price: CHF 40.-

Klee museum (all weather)

For those who wish to remain in Bern, we offer a guided tour of the world famous Paul Klee collection displayed in a Renzo Piano Building.

For more information see Klee Museum

Price: CHF 30.-